About Us

Building brand since 1990, Singh Digital Media House has organized a line of cultural events and programs in Sweden. These programs have helped many a small town artists converted to big names in digital and entertainment industries of Punjab, Bollywood with several others. Shows like Miss Europe Punjaban, Miss India Europe, Mrs. India Europe, and Pair of the year, all have been organized by SDMH keeping in view the traditional values & promotion of India’s heritage.
Connecting different cultures with forms of art, creativity and business management, SDM has been offering several opportunities to the communities present here who live far off from their origin longing for our arts and culture.

Gaining their attention we have been yielding lessons on results to improve our concept and growth prospects. And with the concept of progress on innovation, many people are now engaged and contributing to the processes of cultural innovation in Europe. For increasing intellectual, cultural, and personal interactions between communities, we believe that bringing culture and trade exchange together will ultimately help contribute towards achieving a common development and prosperity among-st nations. With this focus our developing networks has set many platforms for shared learning experiences and exchange of ideas. Abiding them we continue to do the same now as well as for the future by organizing events, workshops, publications, exhibitions, online networks, etc. to expand and deepen our relationships with all audiences.