Miss India Europe

Miss India Europé is a non-profit organization which works with encouraging and increasing young women’s interests in our rich Indian tradition as well as giving them a lifetime experience. It provides a platform where they can gain confidence and improve their skills in presentation, public speech and broaden their network. Through MIE, they will be able to create long-lasting friendships, where they will work in groups and learn about a healthier lifestyle along with other things. Any young woman of Indian origin is allowed to participate in this exclusive pageant, regardless of religion, state or location in Europe. MIE terms and conditions are applied.

The winners of Miss India Europe will receive prizes such as cash money, gifts from our sponsors and a Recommendation letter for entry to Bollywood movies with SAJJ Motion Picture and music videos with acclaimed Director Ravinder Ranguwal. a MIE winner certificate along with the winning trophy which will make you proud for the rest of your life. The winner of this pageant will become the brand Ambassador of MIE till the next pageant is held.

MIE gives once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to successful candidates, which will lead their lives to a new phase. Qualifying for this pageant is a victory in itself for young women out there. Talented ladies are brought together on the same platform making this competition tough and challenging. Only the BEST out of the crowd will own the title. This is a golden opportunity for all the ladies out there who deserve to showcase their talent and ability. The tagline of fame is just a doorstep away!